Ед Брил в своя блог - http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/, дава добор описание на това, което можем да очакваме от Lotusphere2008. т.к. той е сред онсовните хора одборяващи съдържанието на отделните сесии и пътеки в конферецията.

Ето директен цитат, конкретно за т.нар. infrastructure track:
"The balance in the infrastructure track is really good.  The majority of sessions are around Notes/Domino, of course, but Sametime, Quickr, Connections, and WebSphere Portal all are well-covered, too.  There are also sessions on Lotus Web Content Management, Lotus Forms, Lotus Symphony, and even one or two other products.  There are a few cross-portfolio sessions, including a two-part marketplace perspective -- part one of which will be delivered by Paul Culpepper and me, and part two "from the trenches" as an examination of a real-world competitive situation.  This is as close to the "bake off" idea that was suggested by several of you as I've been able to come  -- and is a way to move from the defense of "the Boss loves Microsoft" of years past to the positive success of where Lotus is at in 2008 and beyond.  I also like a session from Mary Beth Raven and Chris Reckling on design directions for Notes, Sametime, and Expeditor -- since a few customers have expressed skepticism of whether the Notes 8 "extreme makeover" was a one-shot deal versus continuous improvement."

Подчертал съм една интересна точка, която може да донесе приятни изненади в портфолиото от решения на Lotus.

Пълния тескт може да прочетете тук:

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